Gate Valves

  • Stainless Steel Precision Casting/investment Casting Power Station Gate Valve

    Stainless Steel Precision Casting/investment Casting Power Station Gate Valve

     There are two types of ram structures: Elastic wedge type ram and wedge type double ram. The elastic wedge type single bay plate forcibly presses the ram towards the valve seat by the medium force to ensure the sealing of the sealing surface. The spacer plate is elastic, which can compensate the deformation due to processing or high temperature difference and meet the sealing requirements. 

  • Lined Diaphragm Gate Valve

    Lined Diaphragm Gate Valve

    Full bore with less flow resistance, forced seal.

  • Flat Gate Valve

    Flat Gate Valve

    It adopts floating seat adjustment, two-way cut-off and reliable sealing. The valve seat is internally provided with a lip shaped gasket, which is conducive to low pressure sealing and has a fire protection function.

  • ANSI Gate Valve

    ANSI Gate Valve

    The gate valve refers to the valve door where the closing piece (ram) moves along the vertical direction of the centerline of the passage. The gate valve can only be used in the pipeline to fully open up and pay attention to new uses, and should not regulate or reduce expenditure.

  • GB Gate Valve

    GB Gate Valve

    Gate valve refers to the control valve whose closing piece (gate) moves in the vertical direction along the centerline of the passage. In the pipeline, the brake regulator can only be used for full opening and full closing, and cannot be used for regulation and throttling.