Metal Quick Joints’ Application In The Industry

Metal quick joints are usually made of different materials. Common materials include:

Stainless steel: Stainless steel metal quick joints have good corrosion resistance and are suitable for pipeline connections in demanding corrosive environments, such as chemical industry, marine and other fields.

Carbon Steel: Carbon steel metal quick joints are commonly used for general industrial pipeline connections and have high strength and durability.

Copper: Copper joints have better corrosion resistant than stainless steel, it is commonly used in low-pressure, low-temperature plumbing systems, such as household water systems and marine, ship field.

Cast Iron: Cast iron metal quick joints are suitable for some special requirements, such as connections in heating and heating systems.

Metal quick joints are widely used in various pipeline systems, including industrial pipelines, construction pipelines, water supply pipelines, heating pipelines, and more. They are used to connect different pipes, fittings or equipment to ensure the integrity and reliability of the piping system. Metal quick joints can withstand certain pressures and temperatures, have good sealing and durability, and can meet the needs of various pipeline systems.

图片1Recently we supplied a batch of copper quick joints for our UAE customer. They will be used in the water supply system for ship. The copper quick joints have typically resistant to corrosion, pressure, and abrasion and can withstand the long-term use and pressure of a water system.


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Post time: Dec-13-2023