New Casting Process –3D Printing Sand Casting -The new trend of casting industry development

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With the development of science and technology, 3D printing has spread in more an more industries. We visit and learned about the technology which used in casting industries these days. Compared with similar equipment in foreign countries, the sharing group has reduced the cost by about 2/3 and increased the printing efficiency by about three times. providing more than 50,000 tons of sand molds and more than 20, 000 tons of castings for aerospace.


Weapon equipment, energy equipment and other fields. Taking engine cylinder head and compressor castings as examples, the advantages of 3D printing sand casting compared with traditional casting are compared: the number of sand cores is greatly reduced, the size error is greatly reduced, the sample production cycle is greatly shortened, and the finishing time is greatly reduced. Shortening, the yield has also been improved, it can be said that it is a complete victory over the traditional process.


The 10,000-ton 3D printing smart factory built by the Sharing Group in Yinchuan, Ningxia, has been reported many times. In addition, they have also built 6 digital factories in Sichuan, Ningxia, Shandong, Anhui and other places. At present, it is building an industrial ecology of "Internet + mass entrepreneurship + green intelligent casting".

In the factory, we visited the shared 3D printing intelligent casting production line, as well as handicrafts, sand molds, castings and other products manufactured using sand 3D printing technology.

△Sand 3D printed handicrafts, castings, etc.
The production line has achieved a relatively high level of automation and intelligence. Sand printing and transportation can be automated. All the operation and information of the factory can be viewed on the large screen. In addition, after the sand mold is printed, the metal can be poured directly in the factory to create the final casting.


△The 3D printed sand mold is placed in the sand core storage stereo library.

With the development of science and technology, we believe that the quality of casting products in the future will get better and better, and 3D printing provides us with better ideas for technological improvement.

Post time: Nov-02-2022